Victory! Fourth District: Additional Evidence Not Necessary for Deficiency

In a recent consolidated appeal of three separate cases, we obtained a reversal of the lower court’s denial of our application for deficiency judgments after foreclosure. Our client substituted in for the plaintiffs in a series of foreclosure matters. The foreclosure judgments had already been entered, and we were retained to obtain deficiency judgments after sale of the properties. We presented evidence of the foreclosure sale price. The defendants did not appear or offer any controverting evidence. Nevertheless, the lower court denied the motions for deficiency.

In reversing the lower court’s orders, the Fourth District noted that evidence of the foreclosure […]

Well, We Always Knew She Rocked!

Not news to us, but Robin Moselle, our Director of Client Relations, was recently profiled in inWESTON magazine in an article entitled “Moms that Rock”. Unfortunately, it’s only one page, so the article can’t list everything that’s great about her. If you’d like to know more, just ask us.

Storium: Campfire 2.0

Our client, Protagonist Labs, recently launched a Kickstarter for Storium, their online story-game platform. The website allows creators to make new worlds for players to explore, using a simple, intuitive system to provide direction and pose interesting choices. They are also teaming up with a stable of award-winning authors to create worlds to play in. We assisted them in negotiating and drafting agreements with these authors.

They met their initial goal within the first 24 hours, and we wish our friends at Protagonist Labs good luck for a very successful campaign. If you like telling stories, you should go […]

Podcast: Contracts and Gaming

Justin D. Jacobson, Managing Partner of the Firm and game designer, participated in a panel on contracts at the Metatopia game design convention last November. Co-host John Stavropoulos has posted the audio from the panel to SoundCloud. If you want an overview of fundamental contractual issues, have a listen: “Contracts & Gaming”.

Podcast: Introduction to Intellectual Property

Justin D. Jacobson, Managing Partner of the Firm and game designer, participated in a panel on intellectual property at the Metatopia game design convention last November. Co-host Jason Pitre has posted the audio from the panel to his podcast. If you want a fundamental introduction to intellectual property concepts, have a listen: “Legalese: Copyrights, Trademarks, and Patents”

Of Course It’s Not Legal!

Aaron Sankin wrote an article about an online service, called CareerExcuse, that creates fake references you can use on your resume. They will “verify” employment and back it up with mocked up websites and even a live person for phone queries. Uber-blogger, Andrew Sullivan, picked up the article and asked: “And this is legal?”

Of course it’s not legal!

Lexicon: Or and Ee and Sometimes

As Paul Karl Feyerabend once said: The only absolute truth is that there are no absolute truths. Or as I put it more succinctly for my high school students: Sometimes. As in, every contract has consideration … sometimes. In the legal lexicon, we distinguish between someone who is giving something and someone who is getting something with the suffixes “or” and “ee”. […]

Occupy! and the Big Banks: Unlikely Bedfellows

News broke this week of the surprising results of a project known as Rolling Jubilee. Portrayed as a big blow against the big banks, there’s more here than meets the eye.



Welcome to the official rebrand of our law firm. I’ve reproduced our press release regarding the rebrand below. Feel free to reproduce or disseminate it as desired. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting additional thoughts on our process and motivation for the change.



The contract is the cornerstone of the business transaction. In all but the simplest of transactions, a solid contract is essential to protect your legal rights. On the other hand, a bad contract can hit you right on the bottom line.